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    Our Mission

    Not Your Typical Deli will be a full service delicatessen and bakery, located in Gilbert, Arizona. We will showcase local products and services, including local artists, bakers and other culinary professionals, and will provide our guests with a unique dining and shopping experience. NYT Deli was created to make a difference, not only will we serve incredible food, NYT Deli will also create opportunities for those who usually don't get them! We will create an integrated work environment for those with developmental disabilities.

    NYT Deli will offer three 12 week training programs per year for adults with Developmental Disabilities. After our students complete the 12 week course, they are not on their own. We will offer long term mentoring as our students start their careers in the culinary industry.

    The unemployment rate for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Arizona, is nearly 90%. It is our objective to provide capable adults with developmental disabilities, comprehensive training that will qualify them to work in the restaurant industry. Local culinary businesses will be encouraged to hire our students and they will be informed about the value that our students can bring to their business. Reaching our goal will give us the opportunity to provide 6 students with the training necessary to begin a successful career!

    We thank you for your support!

    Chef W

    Chef W began cooking at age 12 in the famed New York Spaghetti House in Cleveland, OH. Ingredients for deliciousness include more than locally sourced food. W uses compassion and life-skills education to create new possibilities for those affected by Autism.

    Chef Vanessa Luna

    An accomplished pastry chef and catering company executive, Vanessa discovered her talents for teaching and concept design work nicely with compassion and community awareness. She found a kindred spirit working alongside Chef W. and together they are the inspiration for the NYTDeli concept.